What inspires us!

Eating is a vital function that fills us with joy, and we also want it to be the key to our well-being. Introducing a solution that empowers you with your health and well-being, using Artificial Intelligence, Nutritional Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences to understand and transform human nutrition.

The Team

The Kutai family is all about teamwork, friendship and well-being.
We're a group of people from a wide range of backgrounds with a common purpose:
to enhance human wellness through personalized nutrition.

CEO Co- Founder
CRO, Co-Founder
COO, Co- Founder
Nutritional & Behavioral Science Lead
Hardware Leader
Data Science Lead
Software Leader
Doctor, Lifestyle Expert
Hardware Engineer
Junior Hardware Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Software Developer
Data Scientist
Junior Frontend Developer
Financial Analyst
Product Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Junior Software Developer
Junior Data Scientist
Junior Frontend Developer

The Board

CEO Co- Founder
CEO Co- Founder
COO, Co- Founder
CEO Tech Innovation Group
CEO One Guyana
Strategy Corp. Comfama

Advisors and Investors

Advisor and Investor
Advisor and Investor
Advisor and Investor

Corporate Investors