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It is a digital nutritional guide through WhatsApp that contributes to the achievement of personal health, wellness and performance goals. Kutai is created and maintained by experts in health, nutrition, technology and supported on artificial intelligence platforms..

Personal data is handled in accordance Privacy Policy Kutai's Privacy Policy. Here with Kutai's Privacy Policy. Here you will find all the information with the general guidelines to protect your personal data, as well as the purposes of the processing of information, the area responsible for handling complaints and claims, and the procedures to update, rectify and delete information and the respective channels for them to exercise them.

Kutai has developed a proprietary algorithm called SINAA (Single Image Nutritional Analysis, Algorithm) which, through computer vision and data analytics, recognizes foods on a food plate and catalogs them into groups according to the international Eurocode 2 classification..


A habit is any behavior learned through repetition that the brain performs habitually and automatically without hardly thinking about it. In this way, the brain can save time and energy while performing them on a daily basis.

Current evidence shows us how habits and day-to-day actions profoundly affect health and quality of life, both in the short and medium term. 

Understanding that our choices are determinants of health, we seek to help people implement small behavioral changes that allow them to have healthier eating habits, while recognizing, encouraging and guiding the path to wellness of our users.

Kutai's work team is guided by health professionals who conceive good nutrition as the basis of health. Our doctors and nutritionists lay the foundations for a healthy diet capable of sustaining the person throughout his or her life, providing the nutrients and energy that the body needs. This, while proposing recommendations that help users to improve their relationship with food and empowering them in their health and well-being.

Kutai starts from the basic principle of "food as medicine". We understand that food is not just calories; it is also a source of information for the body. With every bite, food has the ability to turn on or off genes that control disease risk, metabolism and life itself. Food has the potential to provide our body with what it needs to function at its peak capacity. If the body does not receive the correct information, it will not function well and a person's health can be altered.

Our eating plan lays the foundation for eating properly, supporting each person's goals towards their best version of themselves. 

Whatsapp features

Each program is different and each one has a specific objective. By selecting a program you are informing Kutai that you wish to pursue the objective of that program. Kutai will then provide you with the appropriate nutritional recommendations and guidelines for that goal.

Kutai uses each person's age, height, gender, weight, dietary restrictions and individual goal to generate an accompanying program.

Each week Kutai proposes weekly challenges where the most important food groups are prioritized to achieve the goal. Likewise, a nutritional guide based on personalized calorie requirements is sent, where ideas are suggested to meet the active challenge. At the end of the week, Kutai generates a progress report.

The food guide is created according to the caloric and protein requirements of each person, in addition to the program objective and the food group prioritized in the challenge of the week. Four options are offered in the nutritional guide for each feeding time.

The challenge is a proposed action during the week that the person must perform to improve their eating habits through repetition and awareness. Challenges are met by doing the proposed action (consuming protein at breakfast at least 3 days) and leaving evidence of the action through the recording of the foods proposed by the challenge.

The key to the challenges is to incorporate the suggested habit each week into your daily diet to achieve lasting results.

There are two options for logging food: the first is to share the photo of the dish to the Kutai assistant on WhatsApp. The second is to write to the Kutai assistant on WhatsApp the food consumed. In both options, Kutai identifies and classifies the food in groups. It is possible to modify any food that has not been well recognized. It is necessary to indicate whether the time of eating is breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

In the report you can see how your consumption of the recommended foods was and those that you should preferably avoid; those in green are because you had an ideal consumption, if they are in red it could be because you consumed less or more than recommended.

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