Kutai receives investment to boost its arrival on the market

Today Kutai announced an investment round of 950,000.00 USD from Comfama, Tech Innovation Group, and angel investors to improve its customized nutrition services.

Through a convertible note, the pre-seed raising funding was led by Comfama, Tech Innovation Group’s contribution, and four angel investors from Colombia and the US. This investment is committed to strengthening the health and wellness offer for users managed by Kutai’s corporate clients. 

Comfama is a social organization with a footprint in Antioquia, Colombia. It has more than 1.2 million members to whom they offer a wide range of services in areas such as health, recreation, sports, culture, and tourism. Also, it’s one of the region’s leading health providers for Sura EPS, serving over 1.4 million users and around 40 health centers with low and medium-complexity level services.

On the other hand, Tech Innovation Group is an organization committed to developing technology-based companies focused on creating solutions associated with life sciences, including human, animal, and environmental health. It also represents a conglomerate of leading biotech, health and wellness technology projects in Colombia, with investments in more than 16 companies.

The current investment round is vital for Kutai, which seeks to radically change the nutrition market with its technology that comes with a solution that uses AI to create tailored nutritional diaries. It also eliminates the barrier of manual registration of meals while proposing new eating habits according to the needs of each user.

“For us, investing in startups like Kutai, which seek to serve large populations using advanced technology, is very important to offer better services and capabilities to our members and increase our assets. Additionally, this investment is in line with our strategy of working and investing in early-stage companies,” says Miguel Duque, Head of Corporate Strategy at Comfama.

This raised capital process is in line with the global trend of investments in digital healthcare, which has grown by 79% between 2020 and 2021, reaching USD 57.2 billion, driven by the need to provide digital solutions and create models that respond to the needs generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. (State of Digital Health, CB Insights, 2021).

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