Kutai allies with Comfama to personalize human nutrition

Kutai gets ready to introduce an alternative for those organizations that want to support health management of their clients while working to promote healthier lifestyles.

The proposal combines AI and behavioral sciences, offering a customized nutritional guide that helps users achieve their goals of getting in shape, eating better, taking care of their weight, or simply living longer and happier.

This time Kutai has decided to team up with a company that has extensive coverage, vast experience, and superb reliability in the region of Antioquia: Comfama, a Colombian compensation fund with more than 68 years of experience in the fields of education, employment, entrepreneurship, housing, health, and wellness, among others. 

This collaboration will represent a possibility for Comfama to extend its portfolio, focusing on promoting health and prevention through nutrition for its customers.

Meanwhile, Kutai will introduce its services in the Colombian market while offering Comfama members the advantages of customized nutrition by employing a food diary powered by AI.“The message we want to share is that advanced technology is available for users and that suggestions will be welcome, in order to improve the functionalities of the services offered by Kutai", said Simón Villa, General Director, and founding partner.”, afirma Simón Villa, Director General y socio fundador. 

The benefits of Kutai are currently enabled for Comfama "Continuous Health" affiliates. It is expected that a significant percentage of the users will use the tool in the upcoming months; for non-affiliated users, who also wish to try the experience, the startup plans to reach them through consolidating new alliances in Colombia and abroad.

In Q3 and Q4 2022, Kutai's strategic objectives include becoming an ally for insurance companies, Compensation Funds, and regional entities that can use the solution to improve the healthcare habits of the populations and massively generate a substantial impact on the life of Colombians.



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